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 alias.... cheat

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PostSubject: alias.... cheat   Mon Jul 21, 2008 11:31 am

//Amazing Movement Script
// by: submitted by: FatAssAntFarm
A marriage between the Crouch Jump Script and the Run/Walk/Crouch
Toggle Script with a little bit extra thrown in. It is now possible to
execute a jump crouch without screwing up the walk/crouch toggle
script. Also, if you are walking and execute a jump crouch and keep
holding the jump crouch button to maintain a crouch, you will move at
crouching, and not walk+crouching speed! With this script, you will
always move in the way best suited to the situation at hand.

To use, replace mouse4 with whatever your walk button is,
space with whatever your crouch button is, and alt with your jump

bind "ALT" "+cjumpw"
alias walk "+speed; -duck; bind mouse4 run; bind space walkcrouch; bind ALT +cjumpr;"
alias run "-speed; -duck; bind mouse4 walk; bind space crouch; dv1; bind ALT +cjumpw;"
bind "mouse4" "walk"
alias crouch "+duck; -speed; bind space run; bind mouse4 walkcrouch; dv1; bind ALT +cjumpw;"
alias walkcrouch "+duck; -speed; bind space walk; bind mouse4 crouch; dv1; bind ALT +cjumpr;"
bind "space" "crouch"
alias +cjumpw "+jump; +duck"
alias -cjumpw "-jump; -duck; bind mouse4 walk;"
alias +cjumpr "+jump; +duck; -speed;"
alias -cjumpr "-jump; -duck; +speed; bind mouse4 run;"
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alias.... cheat
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